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Concrete ambitions
Born and raised in Livigno, I grew up surrounded by the sounds of motors coming from friends, relatives, and next-door neighbours racing. I still feel the same passion for motors as I did as a young child. Driving on the snow-covered roads of Livigno for around six months out of the year, I believe I’ve gained the “Finnish” driving skills that many car lovers envy us for (well, not only I but many of Livigno’s residents as well). The Ice driving school was born in 1992 from an idea I had after accumulating years of experience in the Italian snow-ice car championships, and in the modern and historical rallies. The school organizes snow and ice driver-safety classes, and allows the young and elderly alike to test-drive vehicles in extreme weather conditions such as snow and ice. These teachings can then be transferred to the normal-conditioned roads.
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ICE DRIVING SCHOOL a white pearl in the snow
orn from an idea by Oliviero Bormolini, the Ice Driving School of Livigno operates in the ice drome (1000 metres in length) located at the foot of the Forcola pass (This area takes you directly to the Engadine and Grison canton areas of Switzerland. The 1816 metre-altitude and the typical cold weather of the area (better known as “Little Tibet”) assure for ice-covered roads. You can arrive with your own vehicle, but the Ice Driving School has vehicles and instructors available for the persons interested in learning or improving their ice-snow driving skills with various types of vehicles. The course begins with theoretical lessons held in a heated room next to the track, then takes you behind the wheel with various instructors. The co-ordinator, Oliviero Bormolini, as well as the various instructors all have an agonistic driving history. The advantage of the Ice Driving School of Oliviero Bormolini is the ability to have ice-covered roads for several months of the year, the wide-open spaces, and above all the passionate entrepreneurialism known to the people of Livigno. At the end of the course, a dinner in a log-cabin in the lovely Val Federia area will be offered. There will be joke telling and at the end of the dinner each student will receive local products (made possible by a pool of local sponsors). A special invitation goes out to the female public, who at times are the most afraid and at times the bravest in driving on ice-covered roads.
Ice Driving School Livigno
Close-up of the director of the
Ice driving school:
Oliviero Bormolini

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